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November, 2012

IDEA Fitness Journal - November, 2012
Education Is Key in Eradicating the Obesity Epidemic
Robyn Stuhr, MA, ACSM-RCEP, discusses women’s health issues and the non-weight-related benefits of physical activity.
Maintaining Motivation
The IDEA Client Challenges tool adds fun and focus for clients.
5 Tips for Teaching Teens
Help the teenaged population start adulthood on the right foot.
Postpartum Core Support
Moves that help new moms rebuild their abdominal muscles.
Sample Class: Wake-Up Workout
Celebrate the morning with this energizing indoor cycling class.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
How many different ways can you motivate members to have more fun?
Let’s Move! A View From the White House
Sam Kass, the Obamas’ chef and the president’s senior policy advisor for healthy food initiatives, reflects on the work that’s been done through Let’s Move! and rolls up his sleeves for what’s yet to come.
Ask the RD
What exactly are sprouted grains, and what are their health benefit?
Tricks of the Trade
What is the best strategy for getting clients to eat better before and during the holiday season so they don’t start the new year carrying extra weight?
Slashing for Profit
How to diversify your career by combining different jobs.
Thriving After a Stroke
When insurance runs out, a stroke victim switches from physical therapy to personal training.
6 Ways to Renew Client Commitment cec
Research findings offer smart ways to motivate exercisers.
The Not-So-Good News About “Good” Cholesterol cec
And why there’s no substitute for fighting “bad” cholesterol.
2012 Women’s Health Research Review cec
These studies will guide you toward custom programming for your female clients—from girls and teens to women in various stages of life.
Training Through the Transition cec
What does current research say about the effects of physical activity on perimenopause?