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June 2014

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - June 2014
Fostering Change Within Our Communities
Mary Jayne Rogers, PhD, sees a vital need for community involvement, preventive measures and an empathetic, caring approach to reverse the tide of obesity.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Make your clients sweat with high-intensity classes that combine multiple modalities.
Sample Class: Deep-Water Tabata
Take high intensity to the pool.
Cycle Strong
Help participants cycle from the core with these five moves.
How to Thrive as an Introverted Instructor
Let your positive personality characteristics shine when you teach class.
Summer Retention Strategies
How to help your personal training business during the lazy days of summer.
Improving Physical Function for the Long Run
Despite her doctor's advice, Leigh Ann refused to give up on running.
Understanding and Preventing Common Running Injuries cec
Clients who run need to know the precise causes of their aches and pains.
Culinary Culture Club cec
Take a trip around the globe and find out which healthy food habits are worth bringing home.
Chakra Nutrition cec
A holistic approach to nourishment includes much more than counting calories and grams or assessing chemical composition.
Train Yourself Happy cec
Exercise can play a key role in alleviating anxiety and depression.