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January 2015

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - January 2015
What Lack of Sleep Does to Your Body
Don't skimp on slumber if you want to be as healthy as you can be.
Taking Investor’s Perspective to Leveraging Fitness Technology
Why you need a portfolio of digital-health investments.
Kids in Motion Are Happy Kids
Kathleen Tullie feels professionals can be champions of change in their communities by providing more access to physical activity for children.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Give traditional classes a new spin by fusing them with other formats.
Sample Class: Creative Core & Cardio
Turn up the internal heat with a fun mix of moves.
Sun Salutation Solutions
Just a few multiplanar modifications make this classic yoga warm-up a perfect option for almost any class.
How Constructive Criticism Makes You a Better Instructor
Embrace feedback as a gateway to a successful career.
Here's a taste of what's cooking in the nutrition world:
Youth Sports Training
Build your business with the under-18 athlete population.
How to Work With an Overweight Client
Compassion, kindness and patience are keys to inspiring success in an overweight client.
Get an Edge on Training at the 2015 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™
East Coast: February 25-27, Alexandria, Virginia West Coast: April 16-19, Seattle
Does Exercise Order Really Matter in Resistance Training? cec
Research suggests focusing on what the client needs and doing the most important exercise first.
The Mental Aspects of Chronic Pain cec
Teach your clients to break the cycle of pain by undoing bad mental habits.
Eating With the Seasons cec
The Five Elements Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests we follow a healthy diet integrated with the rhythms of nature.
Raising the Bar cec
Asymmetrical bar training uses rotation to boost balance, strength and power.
Social Media and Body Image: A Complicated Relationship cec
Unless fitness professionals use awareness and conscious action, #fitspo may be a "perfect storm" for negativity, comparison and self-loathing.
Heart Rate Variability & Overtraining cec
Can new research prevent an age-old paradigm?