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January, 2007

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - January, 2007
Sample Class: Ready, Set, Roll!
Capitalize on the versatility of the stability ball while providing a fun, total-body workout.
Creating a Wellness Vision
Discover how to set a vision and meaningful goals that align with it for the new year.
Public Speaking 101
Learn to give A+ presentations with tried-and-true tips from a top speaker.
How to Start a Nutrition Program in Your Health Club
Use this blueprint to increase your facility's level of service and create a new revenue stream.
The Right Rehearsal
Make sure your start prepares participants for the fun and the finish.
Training Clients with Heart Disease
Determine which older clients you should refer out and which can benefit from your personal training services.
Help your clients—and your business—through an exciting new technology.
Qigong for Health: a Research Update
Studies confirm that the ancient art of qigong has lots of relevance in today’s high-tech world.
Fitness Products Services Guide
Inspire your clients with the best equipment and services in the industry!
Conduit for Greater Consciousness
Brian Buturla teaches his students the magic of moving with intention
Movement Menu
Use a variety of playful options to reinvigorate your participants.
The Ongoing Journey
Carrie Ekins, MA, talks about how the fitness industry has evolved and offers tips on how to generate fresh ideas.
Childhood Obesity: Prevalence, Treatment and Prevention
Become an advocate for kids by taking a leadership role in the war on obesity.