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February 2016

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- February 2016
Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions
Experts quantify these scientific prevention and treatment approaches as impactful in combating obesity.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Spice things up with classes that nourish body and soul.
Sample Class: 5 Supersets, 1 Serious Sweat
Hit all the major muscle groups with this strategic cross-training class.
The Hidden Cool-Down
Trick resistant riders into staying for the final moments of cycling class.
Which Is Better: A Live Class or a Virtual One?
Technology brings pros and cons to the group fitnessstudio experience.
Performing Under Pressure
Discover how to avoid “choking” in your fitness career.
Adaptable Program Design
Eran's career as a dancer requires consistent modification to her training program.
Understanding and Translating Research cec
Getting to know key terminology and study methods can help you interpret research findings for your clients.
When Myofascial Release Gets Emotional cec
Sometimes self-massage tools like foam rollers release more than tight muscles and trigger points.
Interpreting Health Claims on Food Packages cec
Help clients navigate the often-confusing landscape of health claims on food packaging.
The Office Worker’s Workout cec
These exercises can help your desk-bound clients stay healthy and succeed on the job.
35 Ailments, One Prescription: MOVE! cec
Studies suggest that physical activity reduces the riskof nearly three dozen harmful conditions and life-threatening diseases.
The Many Dimensions of Pain cec
To help clients reach their pain-free movement goals, fitness professionals must understand the biological, psychological and social ramifications of pain.