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December, 2008

Fitness Journal IDEA Fitness Journal - December, 2008
Bridging the Age Gap
Working with seniors—an investment in your knowledge base can bring many rewards.
The Science of Willpower cec
Research supports the notion that willpower works like a muscle—so how do you train it?
Yes, Resistance Training Can Reverse the Aging Process
The fountain of youth is found in the weight room.
Find It, Feel It, Move It
Help participants connect with their bodies during the warm-up.
Fall Prevention for Seniors
Tips and news you can distribute to your clients.
Tricks of the Trade
What marketing strategy has worked especially well for you?
Tranquil Moments
Maximize the benefits hidden at the end of class by taking students beyond the traditional cool-down into a deeper state of relaxation.
Corporate Wellness—Programming for Profit
Both employers and employees can enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including fiscal fitness.
How to Be a Great Instructor
When teaching the adult learner, create a welcoming, motivating and trusting space.
Core Design
Use specific criteria to help your participants see real results.
The Skinny on Losing Weight and Keeping It Off
Here’s the latest data on weight loss, along with secrets from successful dieters on what really works—and what doesn’t!
Kids in Motion Stay in Motion
Innovative exercise and weight management programs for children mix fun with technology, research and skill to instill lifestyle changes early on.
Sample Class: Athletic Boot Camp
Challenge participants with fun skills and drills using kettlebells, steps and other equipment.
10 Absolutes for Women in Business
Make sure you're well prepared before becoming a fitness entrepreneur.
Case Study: Coaching a Sedentary Client
To help inactive clients make meaningful lifestyle changes, think outside the gym.