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07, 2011

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - 07, 2011
Winners Tell All
How client “success stories” elevate your IDEA FitnessConnect profile.
Lessons From the School of Sales
The philosophy, psychology and mathematics of selling.
Everything Is Negotiable
If you’re not getting the compensation you deserve, maybe it’s time to think outside the bucks.
Pilates Transformations
What does it take to transform a life? Sometimes it’s a Pilates class, a motivated student and an instructor who believes anything is possible.
The Pursuit of Higher Education
What fitness professionals should know about going back to school in the 21st century.
Generation X: From Slackers to Stars, the Future of Fitness
The second wave of fitness pros continues to move the industry forward.
Spotlight on the 2011 IDEA Award Recipients
Passion, commitment and a dedication to excellence define these top fitness pros.
Serving Your Base & Looking for Opportunity in Special Populations
Analyzing results from the 2011 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Trends report to help you better position your facility.
How the Mind, the Body & the Environment Affect Our Health
A Conversation With Esther Sternberg, MD
Reforming the Way Americans Eat
Making sense of federal dietary guidelines and other health improvement initiatives.
Brief Bouts & Baby Steps
Research suggests that encouraging the inactive to embrace any physical activity—even at levels that fall short of industry guidelines—may offer a bevy of benefits.