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05, 2010

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - 05, 2010
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Making Peace With Blogging
Consider blogging a burden? How blogging can work for you—and your business.
Fit for Communication
Constructive skills for mind-body fitness professionals.
The Four Elements of Perfect Class Design
Think of an all-encompassing strategy when designing your experiences.
Yoga and the Olympic Hopeful
Cross-training helps U.S. Swim Team member Keri Hehn boost her performance.
A Primer on Muscles
Why do some people run faster and jump higher?
Fast, Furious and Functional: Three Trends Shaping Today’s Fitness Landscape
Mixed martial arts, metabolic conditioning and body leverage training—these old and new training ideas offer alternative and time-efficient methods for helping clients achieve their fitness goals.
Sample Class: Dance Boogie Blend
Count on two easy methods to get class groovin’.
Lessons From the Blue Zones
What we can learn from the world’s longest-living people.
Cardiovascular Health Goals
A look at the American Heart Association’s 2020 impact goals.
Stand Up for Flexibility
Transition into dynamic stretches that also train for balance.
The Truth About Bioidentical Hormones
A lot of middle-aged women are taking a “natural” hormonal supplement that isn’t so natural (or especially safe) after all. Here’s what you should know about bioidentical hormone therapy.
Lower-Back Pain in Kids and Teens
Research, implications and solutions to a growing problem.