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04, 2011

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - 04, 2011
Continuing Education Quizzes
Get up to five CECs quickly with the quizzes from this issue.
What You See Is What You Get
How videos enhance an IDEA FitnessConnect profile.
BOSU® Balance Trainer Rounds Out Pilates
The BOSU ball offers a fresh approach to many Pilates exercises.
Sample Class: Triple Threat!
Try out this easy-to-learn, simple-to-implement workout.
Roll, Release, React: Prepare Class for Movement
Use this self-myofascial-release routine in your next warm-up.
Don’t Fear the Gear, Part 2: F.I.N.D. the Problem
Learn how to effectively troubleshoot any audio system challenge.
Tricks of the Trade
Question: Do you have a CPA or financial adviser who helps with your business?
Celebrating Client Successes
Strategies for retaining and recruiting raving fans in your business.
Surgery, Solutions and Success
Debilitating back pain nearly left Lisa Knighton’s client unable to exercise.
Fascial Fitness: Training in the Neuromyofascial Web
Research shows why taking a different approach to exercise and the movement brain is the wave of the future.
Improving HDL Cholesterol: How, Why and NOW!
Raise your HDL levels and lower your risk for heart disease.
How Eating “Green” Impacts the Environment
Reduce your carbon footprint in the world with these mindful eating and purchasing practices.
Strength and Cardio Supersets
Use your knowledge of muscles, machines and movement to create powerful workouts.
The Perils of Poor Posture
By correcting faulty posture, your clients can improve their overall health.