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Fitness Journal
– September-October 2021

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Keto Diet for Athletes
Athletes can bring on the carbs.
Salt Sensitivity and High Blood Pressure cec
Shaking up the odds for high blood pressure.
Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport
RED-S means you may need more calories.
Sugar in Baby Formula Causes Weight Gain cec
Sugar in baby formula? Yes, it’s there, too.
Food Marketing Effectiveness and Weight
Body weight affects people’s responsiveness to food marketing.
Social Media Influence on Alcohol Consumption
Social media use tied to higher alcohol use among teens.
Hunger and Blood Sugar Linked
Why some of us suffer from more hunger pangs.
Eating Fast Linked to Higher BMI cec
Slow down! Speedy eaters may pack on more pounds.
Unhealthy Eating Habits From the Pandemic cec
COVID-19 pandemic linked to worrisome eating behaviors in young people.
Nitrates in Vegetables Help Build Muscle cec
Time to feed your muscles more veggies.
Takeout Food and Life Span
More meals prepared away from home may lead to shorter life spans.