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Fitness Journal
 November-December 2020

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Stay Active During Perimenopause cec
New research shows connection between exercising more and retaining muscle mass.
American Youth Need Help to Boost Cardiovascular Fitness cec
American Heart Association wants to see new testing.
Regular Exercise, Even in Polluted Areas, Reduces High Blood Pressure cec
Exercise provides heart-health benefits even when air quality is poor.
Strength Training May Alleviate Depression cec
Large study shows strong association between muscle strengthening and lower likelihood of depression.
Pregnant Exercisers Can Improve Aerobic Fitness
Studies show that women can benefit from starting a cardio program during the prenatal period.
Physical Activity Prevents Early Death
Almost 4 million early deaths are avoided worldwide.
Free Weights Versus Machines: Which Is Better?
The two modes resulted in similar increases in muscle mass and strength.
Dynamic Stretching and Vibration Foam Rolling Team Up cec
Badminton athletes benefit from a combo warmup.
HIIT Neuromuscular Training Helps Inactive Women
The hybrid training model is safe, effective and enjoyable for people who are overweight.
Child’s Play and Namasté
Kids benefit from yoga, too, when you have a plan for success.
Heart Disease Prevention Program Improves Outcomes
Subjects participated in group exercise programs to promote physical activity.
Impact of Oral Contraceptives on Resistance Training
Some women show more gains in fat-free mass.
November 2020 IDEA Member Spotlight
Meet three IDEA members who truly shine.
Question of the Month: Expanding Your Fitness Services in 2020?
How have your fitness services changed in 2020?