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Fitness Journal
– May-June 2021

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Inflammation Reduced by Muscle Cells
Early research may point to underlying mechanisms for muscle’s anti-inflammatory properties.
Brain Fitness and Physical Activity During Pandemic cec
Study participants who were active experienced less memory decline.
Fit Kids Can Still Be Clumsy
And kids with low fitness levels can have good motor skills.
The Psoriasis-Fitness Connection cec
In a large-scale study, those with lowest levels of fitness were most likely to get psoriasis.
Fitness Levels Predict Less-Severe COVID-19 cec
Do people with higher aerobic fitness levels better tolerate COVID-19 infection?
Breathwork Practices Gaining Popularity
Wellness trend report notes growing interest in breathing practices.
IDEA Member Spotlight: May-June 2021
Meet three IDEA members who truly shine: Shannon Briggs, Jane Nash and Siri Chilazi.
May 2021 Question of the Month: Breathwork Practices
Tell us about the breathwork and breathing practices you offer.
Vibration Training Improves Strength in Stroke Survivors cec
Study shows improvement in leg muscle strength and bone retention.
Low-Impact Cardio Helps Expectant Moms cec
Exercise may improve sleep quality and strengthen maternal attachment to the unborn baby during pregnancy.
Three Pillars of Mental Health
Sleep is the leading predictor of well-being in young adults.