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Fitness Journal
– May-June 2021

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Recipe for Health: Pasta Bowl
Try this fiber-rich, tasty pasta dish.
Alternatives for Red Meat cec
Swapping red meat for other protein could improve heart health.
Sucrose, Glucose and Metabolism cec
An appetite study shows that not all sugars are created equal.
Breastmilk Benefits
Breastfeeding longer than 6 months may protect against childhood obesity.
Fiber Fights Depression cec
The link between fiber and mood may come down to your gut.
Sugary Drinks and Warning Labels
Warning labels may cut sugar-sweetened drink purchases.
Sports Supplements Changing Athlete Attitudes
Athletes using sports supplements may have more relaxed attitudes about doping.
Convenience Store Locations and Body Weight
Nearby convenience stores tied to higher body weight in children.
Prkar2a Gene for Food and Exercise
No more constant cravings?
Vitamin D Benefits Hearing
Don’t let vitamin deficiency fall on deaf ears.
Beta-Carotene for Vitamin A cec
For some people, beta-carotene doesn’t lead to a surge of vitamin A.
Food in Media is Low Quality
Movies get two thumbs down for flaunting unhealthy food.
Pig’s Blood for Protein?
Pig’s blood is being turned into protein powder.
Is Nutrition Research Too Cozy With the Industry?
How do you know which studies to trust?
Does Oatmeal Raise Blood Sugar? cec
It may depend on the oat. Less processing means more benefits.