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Fitness Journal
 May-June 2020

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The New Label Lingo? cec
People eat less when they know how much exercise is needed to burn the calories.
There’s Trouble Brewing with Microplastics in Tea
Plastic could be floating in your tea. Should you be worried?
Athletes Perform Poorly in Nutrition 101
Many athletes think they know more about nutrition than they actually do.
Use Less Salt, Keep the Flavor cec
Study finds MSG can reduce our sodium intake.
Sugar Backlash
Your past can come back to haunt you—at least when it comes to a sweet tooth.
Vegetables: A Bitter Pill to Swallow
Some people are genetically wired to dislike veggies.
May 2020 Question of the Month: Is Meat From a Lab the Future of, Well, Meat?
Share your thoughts about lab-grown meat and food science.
An App to Help Kids Eat Better
A new Weight Watchers® app aimed at children is raising concerns.
Sleep Tight on a Healthy Diet cec
Could certain carbs keep you tossing and turning at night?
Banned Sodas = Less Consumption and Slimmer Waistlines
The benefits of banning sugary-drink sales in the workplace.
Exercise Before Breakfast for Fat Loss
Exercising before breakfast may help some people burn more fat.
The Marine Green for Heart Health
When it comes to heart disease, kelp can help.
Recipe for Health: Salmon Oat Loaf cec
There’s something fishy about vitamin D.