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Fitness Journal
– March-April 2021

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Appetite For Exercise, Not Food cec
Why intense workouts tame hunger.
Vote Citrus for More Muscle cec
Higher vitamin C levels may protect muscle mass as we age.
Mega Heart-Healthy Fat
Omega-3 fats offer a dose of cardio protection.
Carbs and Fecundability
Is there a link between diet and fertility?
Video Games and Poor Eating Habits
Video game use may affect dietary choices.
Fructose and Glucose Health Hazards
Better health is sweeter than sugar.
Greenhouse Emissions From Animal-Based Products
Eating more plant-based foods could do the environment some good.
Recipe for Health: Roasted Salmon With Blueberry Sauce
Enjoy this sweet-savory, heart-healthy recipe.
March 2021 Question of the Month: Are Menu Calorie Counts a Health Savior?
Share your thoughts about calorie counts on food menus.
More Americans Experiencing Food Insecurity cec
The number of food-insecure people is on the rise.
Meat and Local Food Supplies cec
Any more American cities could feed themselves locally, study finds.
Picky Eating Habits in Children
Choosy eating in kids tied to demanding parents.
Less Red Meat, Lower Diabetes Risk cec
More science is showing that we should have a beef with eating too much beef.