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Fitness Journal
 March-April 2020

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Skill-Based Exercise for Cognitive Health
Physical activities that challenge your mind offer even more benefits.
Hip Fracture Risks and Postmenopausal Women cec
Any level of regular physical activity is linked to lower risks.
Personalized Tai Chi
Adapting moves to individual needs is effective.
Chair Yoga Improves Quality of Life for Adults With Dementia
Effective nondrug methods add value and avoid side effects.
Poorer Health Among Millennials cec
Millennials are setting the stage for chronic health issues.
March 2020 Question of the Month: Do You Offer Conditioning or Injury Prevention Programs?
Share your success stories about conditioning and injury prevention programs.
More Sleep Leads to Better Performance cec
Endurance athletes benefit from extra sleep.
More Benefits for Fit Kids
Physically active kids have healthier hearts and nervous systems.
Impact of Training Through Pain
Suboptimal performance may persist after pain is gone.
Average BMI of Americans Is Increasing
More Americans are trying to lose weight.
Top Fitness Trend in China and South America
Adding exercise to weight loss programs is increasingly popular in China and South America.
Preventing Hamstring Injuries cec
FIFA shares its hamstring injury prevention program for elite athletes.
Dominant Leg May Have More Endurance cec
Single-leg drills can address leg differences.
March 2020 IDEA Member Spotlight
Meet three IDEA members who truly shine.