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Fitness Journal
 March-April 2020

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Recipe for Health: Masala Chickpea Stir-Fry
Spice up a tasty dish of plant-based fiber.
Athletes Have an Appetite for Social Media
A study shows that online social channels may influence how athletes eat.
Why Dentists Don’t Approve of Energy Foods cec
Sugary sports nutrition products may contribute to dental problems.
Weighing In on the Keto Diet cec
A study review sheds light on the pros and cons of low-carb living.
The Vegetable Sales Pitch cec
Touting flavor before nutrition encourages healthy eating.
Food Trends for a New Decade
The forecast calls for global foods and a rethink of combos.
March 2020 Question of the Month: Is Red Meat No Longer the Enemy?
When studies cause whiplash with their competing messages, look to the research methodology.
Another Strike Against Liquid Sugar cec
Drinking more sweet beverages of any type may bump up diabetes risk.
The Need for Securing Better Nutrition
When there isn’t enough money for food, health risks elevate.
Plant-Based Foods Curb Chronic Disease
A diet rich in flavonoids may protect against two big killers.
Healthy Food, Healthy Planet cec
Study shows that what’s good for you is good for the environment—at least most of the time.
For Would-Be Soldiers, Healthier Diets Pay Off
Diet quality is tied to performance for new recruits.
Sleep Well, Eat Well
Why a lack of sleep drives junk food cravings.
Docs Need a Prescription for Nutrition 101
Harvard report urges nutrition education in medical school.