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Fitness Journal
 June 2019

The Importance of Your Location
Your business's location can be a major factor in your success.
A Nod to Scalenes
Discover some fascinating facts about these lesser-known neck muscles.
Correcting Misconceptions About Fat
A dietitian explores the latest research and clears up some common myths about fat.
Meet an IDEA Team Member: Joy Keller
Get to know our executive editor, Joy Keller.
Sample Class: Barre-Cardio-Core
Teach this innovative full-body workout that requires just body weight and gravity.
Breath and Movement for Core Stability
Teach your students about the diaphragm and core stability.
Creating Preclass Rituals and Routines
Maximize your group exercise teaching experience by prepping for success before your fitness class.
Stop and Smell the Daisies
Helping a grandmother blossom from poor health into a fit new future.
IDEA Member Spotlight: June 2019
Each month this section briefly focuses on a few IDEA members who stand out in the crowd.
Short, High-Intensity Weight Training and Diabetes Risk
“Train short and train hard” may be new training mantra.
Gender Differences in Fitness and Brain Function
Is aerobic exercise better for older men's brains?
Exercise Promotes Brain Fitness in Everyone
Research shows cognitive benefits for young adults.
Cardio Training and Weight Loss
Interval training delivers results in less time.
Tracker Information Motivates
It's not the device that matters; it's what it tells you.
Can Exercise Prevent Depression?
Researchers study the benefits of physical activity.
June 2019 Question of the Month: HIIT Programs
Share your insights on HIIT programs.
UK Med School Includes Physical Activity Education
Future doctors learn how to prescribe exercise.
Stair-Climb Your Way to Health
Step up to exercise snacking.
Weighted Step-Training Benefits
Can a weighted vest be a useful training prop?
Are Compression Socks Effective?
New research tests socks on female soccer players.
Obesity and Cancer Risks in Young Adults
Millennials at higher risk than preceding generations.
A colorful "lightbulb" depiction of a woman brainstorming ideas for her health coaching business.
Health Coaching: Starting Your Business
We asked expert coaches what it takes to succeed. Check out how these pros made it happen.
Eat Well, Breathe More Easily cec
Studies suggest that nutrition and dietary changes can improve lung health.
The Fourth Trimester: Postpartum Exercise cec
Why you need a big-picture approach to helping women get back on the fitness track after childbirth.
Resistance Training Volume Is the Key to Muscle Size cec
The overall volume of resistance exercise is more important than the individual variables of sets, reps and load.
Protein Is Not Necessarily Your Kidneys’ Nemesis
Healthy kidneys unfazed by high protein consumption, say researchers.
The Lowdown on Industry-Funded Research
Does industry-sponsored research do more harm than good?
June 2019 Question of the Month: Should Cities Help Shape What People Eat?
New research points to benefits of local food regulations.
Grocery Store Dietitians Improve Eating Habits
Expert advice helps people choose nutritious foods, research suggests.
Not-So-Sweet News cec
Studies reinforce health risks of sugary drinks and processed foods.
Children’s Diets Worsen With Age cec
USDA study finds poor eating habits across socioeconomic groups.
When a Food Allergy Isn’t a Food Allergy
Survey finds many people incorrectly conclude food sensitivities are allergic reactions.
Yo-Yo Dieting Tied to Heart Problems
Study of 6.7 million people underscores risk of frequent fluctuations in key biomarkers.
Office Food is a Job Perk Worth Declining cec
Workplace food scores low points for nutrition.
Recipe for Health: Orange-Spinach Smoothie cec
Check out this healthy smoothie combining spinach and oranges.
Bug Off, High-Fat Diets cec
More fat in diets may lead to risky inflammation, study suggests.
Ask the RD: Are There Health Benefits to Nutritional Yeast?
Nutritional yeast flakes have multiple health benefits.
Choose Food First, Then Hit The Gym
Why people should pick their postworkout snacks before exercising.
Motivational Interviewing: Talking Their Way to Health cec
Motivational interviewing can drive sustainable behavior change. Here's how to make it happen.