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Fitness Journal
– July-August 2021

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Vegetarian and Vegan Diets High in Ultraprocessed Foods cec
Eating more plants is no “eat-better” guarantee.
Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Down cec
The intake of fruits and vegetables in the U.S. has dropped since 2004.
Colorectal Cancer and Diet cec
Fiber and calcium help; red meat and alcohol don’t.
Acne and Diet
10 years of studies link acne breakouts to diet.
Organic Food Oversight
USDA unveils a new plan to stamp out organic fraud.
Lab-Grown Meat Unpopular Among Gen Z
No-kill, lab-grown meat is a tough sell.
Genetics and Diet
Eating habits may be influenced by our genes.
Recipe: Chili-Peach Gazpacho
Heat things up with this sweet and savory gazpacho recipe.
Peanut Allergy Prevention
Earlier peanut introduction may curb later allergy.
The Great Egg Nutrition Debate
Study further scrambles the science on eating eggs.
Plant Protein for Muscle Growth cec
Plant protein can be just as effective as animal protein for muscle gain.
Fructose Affects the Immune System
Study says high fructose intake may harm the immune system.
Question of the Month: Time to Reduce Our Food’s Carbon Footprint? cec
What our carbon footprint says about our food choices.