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Fitness Journal
– January-February 2021

CECs this issue:
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Weight Bias May Be Declining
New study offers insight into progress related to attitudes toward weight.
January 2021 Question of the Month: Social Media Strategies?
Tell us about your use of social media to motivate or attract clients.
Do Fitness Influencers Motivate Exercise Enthusiasts?
Some YouTube viewers go along for the ride.
Lower Weight in Young Women ≠ Higher Fitness cec
Researchers recommend focusing on strategies other than weight loss to improve performance.
How to Increase Men’s Physical Activity
Friendly competition attracts male group ex participants.
High-Intensity Functional Resistance Training for Older Adults
A more vigorous rehabilitation approach improves outcomes.
Army Recommends Holistic Health Approach
Former physical fitness training manual is updated.
Safety Tips for Outdoor Group Exercise cec
Optimize safety when leading classes outside.
Vigorous Exercise Benefits Older Adults cec
HIIT offers both health and longevity benefits.
Black Women Less Likely to Meet Activity Guidelines cec
Study shows Black women have shorter life expectancy than white women.
IDEA Member Spotlight: January 2021
Meet three IDEA members who truly shine.
Eccentric Training Lacks Uniform Strategies cec
Study shows wide variability among training protocols.
Bipartisan Efforts to Support Health and Fitness Facilities
The Health & Fitness Recovery Act of 2020 gains momentum.