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Fitness Journal
 December 2019

Think on Your Feet!
Discover a new standing sequence for foot health and learn how to break it down for your clients—step by step!
Flexing the Muscular System
Noteworthy facts to keep your muscular knowledge strong.
6 Ways to Grow Your Fitness Classes
Be creative in your grassroots marketing efforts to increase fitness class participation.
Delicious Danger? A Research Update on Artificial Sweeteners cec
Artificial sweeteners' benefits can be overwhelmed by the potential negatives. When in doubt, a little goes a long way.
Nibbling, Fasting and Feasting: Myths About Meal Timing and Frequency cec
Replace the top five meal frequency and timing myths surrounding small meals and fasting with evidence-based, client-friendly recommendations.
Sample Class: EMOM Workout
This structured EMOM workout plays with the work-to-rest period.
Coaching Rotation Using Anti-Rotation cec
Incorporate transverse-plane core work into your foundational movement training paradigm.
The Weight Debate: Obesity and Health Risks cec
We summarize competing theories on obesity, including behavioral guidelines for treating clients with obesity.
The Science of Pilates: Research Update cec
This time-tested method continues to be effective for those seeking core conditioning, coping with chronic ailments or striving for athletic achievement.
Analyze Today’s Hot Button Issues in Nutrition cec
When opinions, beliefs and science collide, emotions can heat up around nutrition debates. Cool down the conversation by balancing opinions with facts.
Correcting Misconceptions About Fat
A dietitian explores the latest research and clears up some common myths about fat.
Eat Well, Breathe More Easily cec
Studies suggest that nutrition and dietary changes can improve lung health.
The Fourth Trimester: Postpartum Exercise cec
Why you need a big-picture approach to helping women get back on the fitness track after childbirth.
Resistance Training Volume Is the Key to Muscle Size cec
The overall volume of resistance exercise is more important than the individual variables of sets, reps and load.
Motivational Interviewing: Talking Their Way to Health cec
Motivational interviewing can drive sustainable behavior change. Here's how to make it happen.