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FREE Webinar Series: 2-Part Breast Cancer Exercise Series featuring Andrea LeonardWatch Now!

FREE Webinar Series: 2-Part Breast Cancer Exercise Series featuring Andrea Leonard Watch Now!

Fitness Journal
 December 2018

Fitness JournalFitness Journal - December 2018
Find success for your personal training business
Discover the tools and education to become a successful personal trainer.
Sample Class: The Playground
It's never too late for recess!
Getting to the Heart of Pre-Exercise Screening
Here's how to avoid the pitfalls of assessing clients' risk of cardiovascular disease.
A Defense Against Age-Related Slowing
The right kind of exercise can limit the biological damage created by a loss of function.
An Action Plan to Combat Adolescent Obesity
Use these 5 “rules” for coaching teens on better health.
How to Help Participants Find Flow
Use tested techniques to get your classes “in the zone.”
Understanding Soy Safety
Soy products contain compounds called phytoestrogens, which provide a wealth of health benefits—and a few potential risks.
Wearable Heart Rate Trackers: Which Works Best?
A study explores the accuracy of five wearable heart rate trackers that use optical sensors.
Tennis: Reduce Pain, Improve Performance
Increasing hip rotation can help a client add power and lessen injury risk.
To Grow Healthier, Happier Adults, Raise Fit Kids
How fitness pros can encourage a new generation of healthy young people.
Is It Time to Eat Yet?
Science finds that circadian rhythms give excellent signals on the right times to feed ourselves.
The Path to Enlightened Leadership
Self-knowledge equips us to help others more effectively.
How to Prevent Overtraining
How to let members know when too much exercise is harmful.
Finding Focus
Don't let frenzy become the new normal; share these tips with clients.