September 2019


The Science Of Pilates: Research Update
This time-tested method continues to be effective for those seeking core conditioning, coping with chronic ailments or striving for athletic achievement.
2019 IDEA® World Convention: Igniting Passion With Purpose!
When thousands of fitness pros from over 50 countries gather to connect, inspire, celebrate and learn, they light a spark that is felt around the globe.

Personal Training

Standing The Test Of Time
Client Success Story: The client relationships you begin today can last a lifetime.
Coaching Rotation Using Anti-Rotation
Ex Rx: Incorporate transverse-plane core work into your foundational movement training paradigm.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
2019 IDEA World Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit
Nutrition: Purposefully coaching long-term change that sticks.

Group Exercise

Indoor Cycling: Safe For Prenatal?
Skills & Drills: Welcome pregnant riders to your cycling class, with caveats.
Sample Class: Excellent EMOM
Class Takeout: This structured EMOM workout plays with the work-to-rest period.
Warmups To Get Wrist-Ready!
Ignite: Slip in a few simple moves to prepare your participants (and their wrist joints) for the rigors of body-weight training.

In Every Issue

Making News
The Weight Debate: Obesity And Health Risks
Research: We summarize competing theories on obesity, including behavioral guidelines for treating clients with obesity.
Tai Chi For Aging Adults
Fitness Handout: The Chinese movement meditation can help improve wellbeing.
editor's letter A Perfect Match Of Passion And Purpose
Aching For The Quadratus Lumborum
IDEA Body Lab: Find out more about the deepest abdominal muscle.
Meet An IDEA Team Member: Nate Hidinger
Get to know our Inspired Service Specialist, Nathan Kimura Hidinger.

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