October 2019


Nibbling, Fasting And Feasting: Myths About Meal Timing And Frequency
Replace the top five meal frequency and timing myths surrounding small meals and fasting with evidence-based, client-friendly recommendations.
2019 IDEA World Fitness Awards Recipients
Honoring outstanding fitness professionals who make the world a healthier place.

Personal Training

Having The Bone Health Talk With Clients
Functional Longevity: A diagnosis of osteoporosis means it’s time to modify, not end, a workout regimen to improve bone health.
Overcoming Pain To Stay In The Fitness Game
Learn how Incrediwear works in a natural way to provide relief from post workout soreness and pain associated with muscle overuse, as well as faster recovery from injury.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Delicious Danger? A Research Update On Artificial Sweeteners
Nutrition: Artificial sweeteners’ benefits can be overwhelmed by the potential negatives. When in doubt, a little goes a long way.

Group Exercise

6 Ways To Grow Your Fitness Classes
Skills & Drills: Be creative in your grassroots marketing efforts to increase fitness class participation.
Sample Class: Tabata For Every Rider
Class Takeout: Take participants on an intense tour in this Tabata-inspired indoor cycling class.
Gamify The Fitness Class Cooldown
Ebb: Get your group fitness class participants to stay for the cooldown with fun games.

In Every Issue

Making News
research Ouch! What Causes Muscle Cramps?
Men’s Health Research Review
Fitness Handout: Helpful guidance on health, fitness and nutrition for men.
editor's letter The Art Of The Blend
Flexing The Muscular System
IDEA Body Lab: Noteworthy facts to keep your muscular knowledge strong.
Meet An IDEA Team Member: Rebecca Garity
Get to know our Senior Director of Events.

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