November 2019


Training Techniques For High-Performance Older Athletes
Use science-based protocols to help masters athletes and clients in 50-and-older rec leagues.
The Rise Of Virtual Fitness Classes
Virtual classes have popped up in fitness facilities all over. But are they good for the industry?

Personal Training

An Attitude Of Gratitude
Client Success: Creating a safe space gives this trainer's clients a lot to be thankful for.
Complex Training: Pairing For Power
Ex Rx: Maximize your time with athlete clients by using the retro approach of complex training that’s come back into favor.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.


Cultural Appropriation In Yoga
Inner IDEA: In this practice intended to heal, are we inadvertently causing harm?

Group Exercise

QUIZ: What Type Of Fitness Classes Should You Teach?
What group fitness workouts would you rock at teaching? Take this quiz and find out!
10 Reasons Why Fitness Instructors Should Teach On Vacation
Gain new clients, experience and more by bringing your fitness business to beautiful destinations.
Johnny G Ride Of Truth
Johnny G Ride of Truth – “Miles to go, Days to grow”
How To Increase Confidence And Fitness Class Size
Skills & Drills: Revisit the basics and enhance the overall workout experience in your group fitness class.
Resist The Twist: Core Stabilization Postures
Core: The ability to resist outside forces in these stabilization postures helps participants strengthen the core and avoid injury.
Sample Class: Seated Exercises For Older Adults
Class Takeout: Three ways to challenge your older-adult participants in your next seated, chair-based fitness class.

In Every Issue

Making News
A Case For Carbs Before Morning Training
Research: New evidence points to improved muscle performance following a breakfast rich in carbohydrates.
Food Swaps For Healthy Holidays
Fitness Handout: Try these healthy alternatives to your favorite holiday recipes.
editor's letter Rest, Reflection And Gratitude
Picking The Brain
IDEA Body Lab: These clever facts about the body’s headquarters may blow your mind.
Meet An IDEA Team Member: Judy Minich
Get to know our Production Editor, Judy Minich.

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