May 2019


Metabolism And Strength Training
Lifting weights triggers changes at the molecular level that improve human metabolism and thwart chronic disease.
Variable Deadlifts & Deadshifts
Why you need to push past the limits of pulling heavy weight with a barbell by using the compound movements of variable deadlifts and deadshifts.
Career Advancement For Everyone
Opportunities to build a career that thrives and inspires abound at the IDEA® World Convention.
The State Of Health And Wellness Coaching
Health Coach: Explore the game-changing work of a health and wellness coach, and learn how to become one.

Personal Training

The Power Of Simple Lifestyle Changes
Functional Longevity: Use these easy-to-adopt lifestyle choices to help older clients improve their health and fitness.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

How To Master The 5 A.m. Time Slot For Fitness Classes
Skills & Drills: Have a solid plan in place when teaching early-morning fitness classes.
Sample Class: Mindfulness And Strength
Class Takeout: Cross-training that combines challenging strength exercises with mindfulness and gentler movements to improve flexibility and balance.
Kickin’ Cooldown: Post-Kickboxing Stretches
Ebb: Help maintain flexibility and alleviate tension with these post-kickboxing stretches.

In Every Issue

Making News
Inside The Latest Physical Activity Guidelines
Research: What you should tell your clients about the multifaceted benefits of exercise, based on guidance from the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee.
editor's letter Resistance Training: A Physical Elixir
Longing For Lung Facts
IDEA Body Lab: Read some respiration information about the lungs you may not know.
Meet An IDEA Team Member: Kathleen Ferguson
Get to know our Brand Strategist, Kathleen Ferguson.

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