March 2019


Helping Clients Enjoy The Taste And Culture Of Food
Coaching clients to embrace the tastes and textures of new food and to practice mindful eating can help them reach their nutrition goals with less focus on fad diets and calorie counting.
Ignite Your Passion And Watch Your Career Thrive At The 2019 IDEA® World Convention
IDEA World Convention®, the most powerful fitness industry event in the world, lands in Anaheim, California, June 26–30.

Personal Training

Fit To Travel: Training Tips And Exercises To Prepare Seniors For Active Vacations
Functional Longevity: Get your older adult clients ready for the rigors of tourism and active vacations with these training tips and pre-travel exercises.
Inspiring Functionality
Client Success Story: An 80-year-old client with MS? Perfect!


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

The Instructor-or-Influencer Challenge: Social Media And Fitness Instructors
Skills & Drills: Are you being judged on your social media savvy and presence? See how social media is influencing the evaluation and perception of fitness instructors.
A Core Collection Of Plank Variations
Core: Try these fun and challenging variations on a basic plank for an effective core workout.
Sample Class: Cycle & Strength
Class Takeout: For the best outcome, use this sample cycling class to teach resistance training off the bike.


Self-Care Through Massage
Recovery: Navigate options to find the best massage tools to help you and your clients with recovery.

In Every Issue

Making News
Peak Neuromuscular Power For Your Athlete Clients
Research: These training tips will help sports enthusiasts and competitive athletes deliver maximal neuromuscular power.
Don’t Let Bad Moods Sabotage You
Fitness Handout: Feeling anxious, fatigued, unhappy, or uncertain? These tips will help you overcome the negative emotions that interfere with your exercise and nutrition plans.
editor's letter Cook And Taste The World For Health
Get To Know The Gallbladder
IDEA Body Lab: This storage pouch sitting beneath the liver serves a helpful, though not essential, purpose in digestion.
Meet An IDEA Team Member!
Get to know our Executive Managing Editor of Publications, Kate Watson.

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