June 2019


Starting A Health Coaching Business
We asked expert coaches what it takes to succeed. Check out how these pros made it happen.
Motivational Interviewing: Talking Their Way To Health
Motivational interviewing can drive sustainable behavior change. Here’s how to make it happen.

Personal Training

Stop And Smell The Daisies
Client Success Story: Helping a grandmother blossom from poor health into a fit new future.
Career Corner: Uplevel Your Knowledge To Attract (and Keep) Clients
IDEA FitPro U Labs offers free online courses.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Eat Well, Breathe More Easily
Nutrition: Studies suggest that nutrition and dietary changes can improve lung health.

Group Exercise

The Importance Of Your Location
Your business’s location can be a major factor in your success.
The Fourth Trimester: Postpartum Exercise
Ex Rx: Why you need a big-picture approach to helping women get back on the fitness track after childbirth.
Creating Preclass Rituals And Routines
Skills & Drills: Maximize your group exercise teaching experience by prepping for success before your fitness class.
Breath And Movement For Core Stability
Core: Teach your students about the diaphragm and core stability.
Sample Class: Barre-Cardio-Core
Class Takeout: Teach this innovative full-body workout that requires just body weight and gravity.

In Every Issue

Making News
Resistance Training Volume Is The Key To Muscle Size
Research: The overall volume of resistance exercise is more important than the individual variables of sets, reps and load.
Correcting Misconceptions About Fat
Fitness Handout: A dietitian explores the latest research and clears up some common myths about fat.
editor's letter Changing Behavior Changes Lives
A Nod To Scalenes
IDEA Body Lab: Discover some fascinating facts about these lesser-known neck muscles.
Meet An IDEA Team Member: Joy Keller
Get to know our executive editor, Joy Keller.

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