Fitness Journal February 2019

February 2019
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Food for Thought

Would You Like Gluten With That?
Researchers find that 1 in 3 “gluten-free” items at restaurants has enough gluten to exceed federal standards.
Putting The Whole-Grain Health Puzzle Together
Study finds clues on why certain grains are such a good fit.
Are There Benefits To Time-Restricted Eating?
Eating a later breakfast and an earlier dinner can reduce body fat, says a British study.
Choosing A More Nutritious Grocery Store
Study says the quality of people’s food choices may depend on which stores they visit.
With Chocolate, Less Is More
How much chocolate should we eat? One study may have found a sweet spot.
Most People Are Getting Their Fill Of Protein
Resistance training boosts protein requirements, scientists say.
There Is No Sugar Free
Why we should be skeptical about the value of artificial sweeteners.
Fast-Food Nation
Check out these options for healthier meals at top restaurant chains.
Ask The RD
Fat May Indeed Be Fattening
An experiment with mice shows fattier diets cause the most weight gain.
Make It! Eat It! Share It!
Recipe: Here’s a great way to tap the value of legumes and whole grains.
Plant-Forward Eating Continues To Thrive
White Castle’s veggie burger and more good news on the meat-free front.
Question Of The Month
Is it time to cut out alcohol?