February 2019


Team IDEA, At Your Service!
This small but mighty crew pulls out all the stops to inspire you, educate you and make your mission as a fitness pro an unequivocal success. Our reward is seeing you and your clients SOAR! We invite you to get to know us better.
Build A Better Club Or Studio
Use our A-to-Z fitness equipment guide to refresh your current offerings or to draft a list of must-have tools from scratch.

Personal Training

A Woman’s Place Is In The Weight Room
Ex Rx: Optimize workouts to account for differences in musculature and hormones.
From Baby Bump To Muscle Pump
Client Success Story: A fitness program that delivers pre- and postnatal progress.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
The Nutrition–Fitness Hybrid: Bending The Model
Nutrition: Differentiate your gym or studio—while reinforcing sustainable client behavior change—by hiring RDs to counsel and train your clients.

Group Exercise

How To Keep Attendees In Class
Skills & Drills: Borrow five teaching strategies from yoga to boost participants’ staying power in your nonyoga class.
Integrated Stretching
Ebb: Incorporate the entire body, enhance range of motion and optimize recovery by using suspension equipment in your cooldown.

In Every Issue

Making News
Resistance Training For Muscle Size: How Many Days Per Week Is Best?
Research: Clients’ age and fitness status play a crucial role in finding the right frequency.
fitness handout Starting A Home Yoga Practice
editor's letter Meet Your IDEA Team!
Blood Facts: Circulating Information
IDEA Body Lab: This life-sustaining fluid inhabits a compelling place in our collective conscience (and colloquial expressions).
Meet An IDEA Team Member!

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