August 2019


You Are How You Sleep: The Cost Of Sleep Deprivation
What you and your clients are missing due to lack of sleep every night.
Metabolism And Strength Training
Lifting weights triggers changes at the molecular level that improve human metabolism and thwart chronic disease.
Helping Clients Enjoy The Taste And Culture Of Food
Coaching clients to embrace the tastes and textures of new food and to practice mindful eating can help them reach their nutrition goals with less focus on fad diets and calorie counting.

Personal Training

Boosting The Brain Health Of Older Adults
Functional Longevity: Research points to the effectiveness of “effortful learning,” which combines mental and physical exercises.
The Power Of Simple Lifestyle Changes
Functional Longevity: Use these easy-to-adopt lifestyle choices to help older clients improve their health and fitness.


Nutrition Hacks Based On Hard Science
Nutrition: Help clients to improve their nutrient intake without giving up their favorite foods.
The Nutrition–Fitness Hybrid: Bending The Model
Nutrition: Differentiate your gym or studio—while reinforcing sustainable client behavior change—by hiring RDs to counsel and train your clients.
Carbohydrate Controversy: “Good” Sugars Vs. “Bad” Sugars?
Nutrition: Carbs are the engines of energy, and the “good” sugars from plant-based carbs supply the fuel.

Group Exercise

Sample Class: Cycle & Strength
Class Takeout: For the best outcome, use this sample cycling class to teach resistance training off the bike.
No-Equipment Outdoor Workouts
Skills & Drills: Switch up your indoor classes and inspire your participants to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.


Self-Care Through Massage
Recovery: Navigate options to find the best massage tools to help you and your clients with recovery.

In Every Issue

Inside The Latest Physical Activity Guidelines
Research: What you should tell your clients about the multifaceted benefits of exercise, based on guidance from the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee.
fitness handout Starting A Home Yoga Practice
Get To Know The Gallbladder
IDEA Body Lab: This storage pouch sitting beneath the liver serves a helpful, though not essential, purpose in digestion.

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