April 2019


More Paths To Exercise Recovery
High-intensity exercises place a premium on alternative recovery options for rest, healing and growth to avoid overtraining.
You Are How You Sleep: The Cost Of Sleep Deprivation
What you and your clients are missing due to lack of sleep every night.
The Key To A Prolific Career
Gain knowledge and inspiration at the 2019 IDEA World Convention in Anaheim, June 26–30.
The Mobile Health Map: Exploring Telehealth
Why telehealth will inspire your clients—and your business—to transform.

Personal Training

Weight Training And Diabetes
Ex Rx: Why resistance exercise may be the key to fighting type 2 diabetes.
Fit For Change
Client Success Story: A transformative fitness journey for both trainer and client.

Group Exercise

No-Equipment Outdoor Workouts
Skills & Drills: Switch up your indoor classes and inspire your participants to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.
Warm Up With Rhythm
Ignite: Kick off your next class with a dance-inspired intro.
Sample Class: Let’s Have A Ball!
Class Takeout: Lead a fun and challenging total-body workout.

In Every Issue

Making News
Carbohydrate Controversy: “Good” Sugars Vs. “Bad” Sugars?
Research: Carbs are the engines of energy, and the “good” sugars from plant-based carbs supply the fuel.
Simple Exercises To Improve Posture
Fitness Handout: Use these exercises to help achieve an instant postural adjustment.
editor's letter Rest, Recover, Repeat
Hyped On The Hypothalamus
IDEA Body Lab: This tiny hormonal powerhouse packs a big punch.
Meet An IDEA Team Member: Matt Taylor
Get to know our Events Operation Manager, Matt Taylor.

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