Fitness Journal October 2018

October 2018
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Food for Thought

The New Dairy Queens
Plant Foods Are Good For Our Gut Bugs
Feed yourself—and your microbiome—a wide range of plants to increase your body’s microbial diversity.
Keto—Fat Chance Of Performing Better
Snacks Are A Workplace Hazard
Spare your family and co-workers health hazards during the Halloween–New Year eating season by providing more healthful choices.
Are Healthy Eaters Wasteful?
Portion Distortion
Food, Not Pills
Eat. Real. Food. It’s that simple
Time To Snub The Clubs?
Volume discount vs. voluminous waistline? If you buy more, you’ll probably eat more!
Question Of The Month
Will Serving Up Calorie Counts Make a Difference?
Ask The RD
Recipe For Health: Lentil Sloppy Joes
Belly Fat Vs. Vitamin D
More body fat around the middle in adults correlates with poor vitamin D status.