Fitness Journal November 2018

November 2018
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Food for Thought

A Salty Diet Might Be A Death Sentence For Beneficial Bugs
Check out this news—then check your sodium intake.
To Fight Diabetes, Jump On The Whole-Grain Train
Try these three suggestions for adding whole grains to your day.
Caffeine’s Power To Up Your Game Is In Your Genes
Your DNA decides whether you get the performance kick.
Something’s Fishy With Fish Oil
Recent trials cast doubt on the efficacy of omega-3 supplements.
A Mindful Trick Could Trim Calories
Here’s how to curb your enthusiasm for overindulgence.
Weight Gain Is Bad News For Our Gustatory Mojo
Obesity-related inflammation may be killing your taste buds.
Are Your Kitchen Towels Buggy?
Wash, dry, rinse, repeat—and often.
Walnut Eggplant Dip
Full-Fat Dairy Makes A Comeback?
Smart portions may actually do the body good.
Fans Of NFL Losers Are Fans Of Fatty Food
The eating pitfalls that emerge on any given Monday (or Tuesday).
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