November 2018


Gender Equity In Fitness: Are We There Yet?
Most trainers and teachers are women, but most top execs are men. Here’s how we can help to close that gap.
Functional Aging And Hormone Health
What role does the endocrine system play in healthy aging and the optimization of exercise programming?

Personal Training

The Confidence-First Approach To Weight Loss
Client Success: Helping a reluctant client find mastery in movement.
Snowboarding: Injury Prevention & Performance
Ex Rx: Exercises can help elite competitors and weekend riders avoid suffering on the slopes.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Nutrition Adherence: Making Lifestyle Changes That Stick
Behavior Change: These tips can help you motivate clients to stay on a healthy diet for the long haul.
Nutrition Technology Optimization
Nutrition Tech: Apps, digital solutions and “smart” devices are flooding the market to cash in on interest in eating for weight management, better performance and health enhancement.
Your Brain On Food
Food & Brain Health: Studies show the links between a healthy diet and cognitive function.
Nutrition Misfires
Client Misfires: Get clients back on track with to-the-point messages that counteract common food myths.

Group Exercise

Back To Basics: Kickboxing Safety
Skills & Drills: Revisit form and technique before you teach your next class.
Balance And Stability
Core: Teach students a path to core strength through equilibrium.

In Every Issue

Making News
Training Guidance For Sedentary Young Women
Research: A 2017 study shows the health benefits of combining cardiovascular and strength training for women early in their careers.
editor's letter Fitness Journal Reimagined
Health News: True Or False?
Fitness Handout: “Do I trust this?”
The Renal System
IDEA Body Lab: The body’s filtering abilities tie in to many other functions.
Meet An IDEA Team Member!

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