June 2018


Behavior Change: What The Research Tells Us
Bone Health: A Primer
It’s crucial to understand the workings of the skeleton and the risks of bone loss.

Personal Training

A For Effort
Client Success Story: Kent Denver School helps students overcome insecurities and learn the foundations of fitness.
Stand Up To Aging
Functional Aging: Ground-to-standing exercises help older exercisers preserve strength, improve agility and prevent hazardous falls.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Shatter client expectations with these offerings that explore outside the box.
Sample Class: Step With Variations
Class Take-Out: Explore the 32-count combination and add some flair.
Barre Moves For Core Development
Core: Incorporate these barre-inspired exercises into any class format for a nice change of pace.
Teaching Yoga At The Wall
Skills and Drills: Take your mats to the four edges of the studio to teach alignment and offer additional support.

In Every Issue

Making News
HIIT Training For Fast, Efficient Fat Loss
Research: Four studies reveal the time-saving benefits of high-intensity interval training.
fitness handout Why Water Fitness?
The Pancreas: Two Glands In One
Body Lab: Learn more about this digestive dynamo.

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