February 2018


The Anatomy Of Functional Training Risks
Joint and muscle dysfunctions can elevate the risk of pain and injury from high-intensity exercises. Here’s how to identify musculoskeletal problems and find ways to fix them.
Does The Fitness Industry Have A Body Image Problem?
We’re oh-so-careful not to judge our clients’ bodies, but we may be less kind to ourselves and each other. Here’s a look at why our industry does indeed have a body image problem—and what we can do about it, starting now.

Personal Training

When The Client Is You
Client Success Story: Not even the strongest trainer is immune when cancer strikes.
Combined Training For Fitness And Weight Loss Clients
Ex Rx: Including cardio, weights and more in the same session is a winning combination for weight loss and general fitness.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

The Power Of A Playlist
Skills & Drills: A good workout includes solid programming and on-point music.
Community Cooldown
Ebb: Share these interactive wind-down “games” with active agers.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Customized programs create opportunities for clients to meet their holistic fitness needs.
Sample Class: Functional-Impact Fun!
Class Take-Out: Take attendees through a total-body blast.

In Every Issue

Making News
Resistance Training For Youth: 10 Tips For Success
Research: There’s no reason to avoid resistance training with your young clients. You just have to take some sensible precautions.
Best Apps For Creating Images And Videos On Social Media
Fitness Technology: Polished, professional-looking imagery helps your social posts grab attention and makes people more inclined to share.
fitness handout Creating Healthy Habits
The Achilles Tendon
Body Lab: Almost any motion that involves the ankle is difficult unless this tendon is intact and functioning.

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