February 2018


Does The Fitness Industry Have A Body Image Problem?
We’re oh-so-careful not to judge our clients’ bodies, but we may be less kind to ourselves and each other. Here’s a look at why our industry does indeed have a body image problem—and what we can do about it, starting now.
The Anatomy Of Functional Training Risks
Joint and muscle dysfunctions can elevate the risk of pain and injury from high-intensity exercises. Here’s how to identify musculoskeletal problems and find ways to fix them.

Personal Training

When The Client Is You
Client Success Story: Not even the strongest trainer is immune when cancer strikes.
Combined Training For Fitness And Weight Loss Clients
Ex Rx: Including cardio, weights and more in the same session is a winning combination for weight loss and general fitness.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

The Power Of A Playlist
Skills & Drills: A good workout includes solid programming and on-point music.
Community Cooldown
Ebb: Share these interactive wind-down “games” with active agers.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Customized programs create opportunities for clients to meet their holistic fitness needs.
Sample Class: Functional-Impact Fun!
Class Take-Out: Take attendees through a total-body blast.

In Every Issue

Making News
Resistance Training For Youth: 10 Tips For Success
Research: There’s no reason to avoid resistance training with your young clients. You just have to take some sensible precautions.
Best Apps For Creating Images And Videos On Social Media
Fitness Technology: Polished, professional-looking imagery helps your social posts grab attention and makes people more inclined to share.
fitness handout Creating Healthy Habits
The Achilles Tendon
Body Lab: Almost any motion that involves the ankle is difficult unless this tendon is intact and functioning.

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