August 2018


Does The Fitness Industry Have A Body Image Problem?
We’re oh-so-careful not to judge our clients’ bodies, but we may be less kind to ourselves and each other. Here’s a look at why our industry does indeed have a body image problem—and what we can do about it, starting now.
One Size Fits One
Understanding Set-Point Weight
Finding the right words to clearly explain the complicated science of weight loss and maintenance can be tricky. Use these ideas to educate clients—and yourself—on why lost pounds keep coming back.

Personal Training

Shoulder Blades: The Right Moves
Ex Rx: Here’s how to spot scapular dyskinesis in clients and provide corrective exercises.
Get Your Business Out Of Debt In Three Steps
Fitness Entrepreneur: Use these simple steps to eradicate your debt and live the life you’ve dreamed of.
Stand Up To Aging
Functional Aging: Ground-to-standing exercises help older exercisers preserve strength, improve agility and prevent hazardous falls.


The Well-Stocked Pantry: A Cook’s First Line Of Healthy Defense
Nutrition: Coach clients to spring-clean and restock their cupboards, freezers and spice cabinets with sensible, versatile ingredients. These grab-and-go lists and how-to guides provide an approachable game plan for getting started.
School Of Fish
Nutrition: Upgrade your diet with the most nutritious and sustainable seafood.
Health At Every Size: A Sound Approach To Behavior Change
Nutrition: Dieting has failed us. Let’s try another solution for obesity and chronic disease.

Group Exercise

Sample Class: Center And Roll
Class Take-Out: Help students stabilize and release.
Community Cooldown
Ebb: Share these interactive wind-down “games” with active agers.
Water Fitness Magic: Method, Modeling And Music
Skills & Drills: Dive deeper into best practices for superior instruction.

In Every Issue

Resistance Training For Youth: 10 Tips For Success
Research: There’s no reason to avoid resistance training with your young clients. You just have to take some sensible precautions.
What Fitness Pros Need To Know About New Blood Pressure Guidelines
Research: Nearly half of U.S. adults have hypertension. The good news? Exercise can help!
HIIT Training For Fast, Efficient Fat Loss
Research: Four studies reveal the time-saving benefits of high-intensity interval training.


Center Of Attention: 4 Strategies For High-Intensity Mental Training
Health Coach: Do you place enough emphasis on enhancing your clients’ focus? Building concentration can improve performance and lead to behavioral changes that will help exercisers achieve their goals.
Green Exercise: How It Benefits You
Inner IDEA: Mounting scientific evidence shows that being active in nature boosts mind, body and spirit.
Cultivating A Home Yoga Practice
Inner IDEA: Coach students on how to set aside distractions and commit to practicing on their own between classes.

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