September 2017


Fueled To Perform
Use these 10 principles of nutritional strategy to help clients excel.
The Smart Way To Move
Integrate nonexercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) activities into overall program design to help clients boost metabolism and cognitive function.
2017 IDEA World Fitness Award Recipients
These industry leaders inspire and motivate from a deep well of compassion and knowledge that’s reflected in superior programs, training sessions and classes

Personal Training

Training A Competitive Equestrian
Client Success Story: Ajia Cherry’s unique experiences gave her the know-how to help her client excel at her sport.
The Importance Of Introductory Offers
Profit Center: Attract new clients with a low-cost initial program.
Tai Chi: The Perfect Balance For Aging Adults
Functional Aging: The Chinese exercise form combines movement and meditation to help clients prevent falls and preserve cognitive function.
tricks of the trade “How Do You Incorporate Breathing Strategies Into Clients’ Workouts?”


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

Streamline Your Yoga Cuing
Skills & Drills: Choose words consciously to increase the subtle power of verbal communication.
Hit The Hips!
Ignite: Prepare an often-underappreciated area of the body for intense activity.
Sample Class: Rock And Ride!
Class Take-Out: Combine indoor cycling with resistance training off the bike.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: From fun to fierce, learn some exciting new ways to move.


Mindful Or Mind Full?
Inner IDEA: Techniques to help clients reduce daily distractions.

In Every Issue

warm-up Tradition In Transition
Making News
The Functional Movement Screen And Active Older Clients
Research: By identifying asymmetries, this assessment can help older exercisers avoid falls and lead healthier, more active lives.
Recovery Tech—An Array Of New Products, Services And Centers
Fitness Technology: From cryotherapy to cold lasers, is high tech necessary for effective exercise recovery?
fitness handout Exercise For Boomers
A Taste For Health
Body Lab: The tongue is a seemingly tireless muscle.

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