November 2017


Protecting The Aging Brain
Research confirms that exercise and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to preserving cognitive functions and potentially staving off dementia.
The Science Of Yoga
A growing body of research substantiates the many health benefits of integrative yoga practice.

Personal Training

Training An Up-and-Coming Athlete
Client Success Story: A positive attitude and high-level training program gave young athlete Lauren a chance to explore her full potential.
Abdominal Separation And The Female Core
Ex Rx: Targeting the transversus abdominis helps women recover from abdominal separation caused by pregnancy.
tricks of the trade “How Do You Handle The Situation When Clients Want To Discuss Political Matters With You?


Lessons From 40 Years Of Dietary Guidelines For Americans
Nutrition: Evolution of the DGA reflects advances in nutrition science and shifts in the nation’s dietary habits.
Nutrition Ideas For Your Club Or Studio
Nutrition: Owners of clubs and studios across the United States explain the appeal of adding diet coaching, cooking classes and other nutrition programs to their physical activity regimens.
A Chef-RD’s Approach To Healthy Holidays
Nutrition: Getting back to basics and deftly swerving around holiday calorie overload just got easier with these simple approaches.
Eating Right: What The Science Says
Nutrition: Diet experts separate fact from fiction on ketogenic, Paleo and plant-based strategies (plus many more).

Group Exercise

Shaping Minds, Shaping Bodies
Skills & Drills: Use growth mindset principles to retain fearful participants.
No-Neck-Pain Abs
Core: Modify moves so participants can develop a strong center without encountering neck pain.
Sample Class: Tabata-Inspired Blast
Class Take-Out: Mix active-rest strength supersets into your HIIT class.


Alzheimer’s And The Joy Of Exercise
Inner IDEA: Creative exercise ideas for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease.

In Every Issue

Making News
Getting Better At Recovery
Research: Research supports many of today’s popular recovery strategies, while pointing to new discoveries for improving individual and team sports in the future.
fitness handout Row Your Way To Health
Your Epidermis Is Showing!
Body Lab: What is the integumentary system?

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