March 2017


How 9 Top Health Experts Actually Eat
Top nutrition and fitness pros read dietary research just as the rest of us do. But how has it affected their eating patterns?
Celebrating 35 Years Of Inspiring The World To Fitness
2017 IDEA® World Convention in Las Vegas, July 19–23
Packaged Foods: Are You "Conveniently Healthy"?
It's easier than ever to get nutrition on the go.

Personal Training

The Other 165 Hours
Client Success Story: What happens outside the training session has a big impact on client progress.
An Assessment Makeover
Profit Center: Retain your clients by going beyond the assessment basics.
Why Older Exercisers Should Try Nordic Walking
Functional Aging: Walking with poles is kind to the knees and great for aerobic health.
tricks of the trade “What Are Your Clients’ Most Profound Nutrition Challenges Or Areas Of Confusion?”


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

Teach Your Class Like A TED® Talk
Skills and Drills: Use basic rhetorical appeals to keep participants present and engaged.
Training The Pelvic Core
Core: These exercises help women strengthen and support a key area of function.
A High-Intensity Cardio Class With Strength And Step Intervals
Class Take-Out: Offer a nontraditional step class and create new fans.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Vary participants' routines with unique class fusions.


Coaching Your Fitness Clients: Inside Out
Inner IDEA: Teach clients how to listen to their "inner family" and resolve disputes that get in the way of exercise.

In Every Issue

fitness forum IDEA Food And Nutrition Tips Hits The Mark On Plant Power
warm-up Curating The Best Of Evidence-Based Nutrition Science And Behavior Change
Making News
5 Common Athletic-Performance Supplements: What’s The Evidence?
Research: Check the science behind these popular supplements so you can give clients facts.
The Power Of Mindset
Bridging the Gap: Alexis Batrakoulis, MS, CSCS, teaches that the road to permanent, sustained weight loss begins with a powerful mental game.
Do You Need A Better Technology Policy?
Fitness Technology: Should—and can—anything be done to regulate the use of smartphones and tablets in the gym?
fitness handout Taming Testosterone Troubles
Does Exercise Benefit Digestive Health?
Body Lab: Research shows that physical activity may alter bacterial composition and boost overall health.

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