January 2017


7 Principles For Outstanding Boomer Workouts
Tailor your training to the specific needs of over-50 exercisers.
5 Simple Assessments For Youth
Rethink and upgrade your approach to helping children build a strong fitness foundation.
How To Fortify Your Purpose And Bolster Your Business
To learn everything you need to excel as a personal trainer, attend the IDEA® Personal Trainer Institute, February 23–26 in Bethesda, Maryland, or March 30–April 2 in Seattle.

Personal Training

Personal Training And The Power Of Listening
Client Success Story: By paying attention to the little things, this personal trainer knows exactly what her client needs at all times.
Buddy Boot Camp
Profit Center: Discover a partner program that provides fun and accountability.
Ageism And The Fitness Industry
Functional Aging: Bias is bad for the well-being of older people. Here's how the fitness industry can take on ageism.
tricks of the trade "What Do You Do When Family Members, Friends Or Co-workers Resist Or Undermine A Client's Healthy Changes?"


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Can We Get All Of Our Nutrients From Food?
Nutrition: Despite a few common deficiencies, most people don't need vitamin and mineral supplements.

Group Exercise

Crystal-Clear Cuing For Indoor Cycling
Skills & Drills: Be smart about the exertion scale you use to help participants get the best ride.
Power Up To Prevent Injury
Ignite: Sneak a few “prehab” moves into your warm-up.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Give members a break from routine with these playful classes that unleash the inner child.
Sample Class: HIIT Remix
Class Take-Out: Boost heart rates and motivation with fun, low-impact moves.


Menopause Symptoms: Can Yoga Help?
Inner IDEA: More women are seeking symptom relief and better quality of life through a mind-body yoga practice.

In Every Issue

fitness forum Dieting Is Fraught With Failure
warm-up A New, Expanded Era
Making News
Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy
Research: Training to failure is the key.
Improving Health Behaviors
Bridging the Gap: Laura DeFina, MD, FACP, believes that consistency and coordination of accurate messaging and action are critical practices for fitness professionals.
Fit-Tech Trends To Watch In 2017
Fitness Technology: Sensors will be less visible and more deeply integrated into what we wear.
fitness handout Bone Health And Plant-Based Diets
What Is Plica Syndrome?
Body Lab: This irritating knee issue can be hard to pinpoint but fairly simple to manage.

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