August 2017


6 Ways To Help Clients Rediscover The Joy In Exercise
Why can't the fitness industry gain more ground against inactivity? It could be because we're promoting effort at the expense of enjoyment.
Fit To Survive
A five-pronged plan to help your clients survive a calamity, fight off stress, and stay happy and healthy.
5 Simple Assessments For Youth
Rethink and upgrade your approach to helping children build a strong fitness foundation.

Personal Training

3 Rowing Workouts To Boost Strength, Endurance, And Aerobic Capacity
Ex Rx: Don't forget about the rowing machine—it's a perfect tool to help clients improve all areas of fitness.
The 4-Step Marketing Funnel To Attract New Clients
Fitness Entrepreneur: Discover a targeted client-attraction system that provides results.
Ageism And The Fitness Industry
Functional Aging: Bias is bad for the well-being of older people. Here's how the fitness industry can take on ageism.


Can We Get All Of Our Nutrients From Food?
Nutrition: Despite a few common deficiencies, most people don't need vitamin and mineral supplements.
5 Reasons To Ditch The Diet Mentality
Nutrition: Research suggests intuitive eating may be a promising way to maintain a normal body weight and a healthy relationship with food.
How 9 Top Health Experts Actually Eat
Nutrition: Top nutrition and fitness pros read dietary research just as the rest of us do. But how has it affected their eating patterns?

Group Exercise

Sample Class: HIIT Remix
Class Take-Out: Boost heart rates and motivation with fun, low-impact moves.
Flexibility Plus
Ebb: Sneak in some extra mobility moves during the cooldown.
Teach Your Class Like A TED® Talk
Skills and Drills: Use basic rhetorical appeals to keep participants present and engaged.

In Every Issue

Aging And Cardiovascular Disease: Exercise To The Rescue!
Research: Physical activity can preserve the health of our arteries, potentially adding to our lifespans.
5 Common Athletic-Performance Supplements: What’s The Evidence?
Research: Check the science behind these popular supplements so you can give clients facts.
Getting The Facts On Fatigue
Research: Fatigue's impact on performance has generated a wealth of research. Here's a quick overview of the physiology of fatigue.


Menopause Symptoms: Can Yoga Help?
Inner IDEA: More women are seeking symptom relief and better quality of life through a mind-body yoga practice.
3 Ways To Use Stress To Fuel Peak Performance
Inner IDEA: Learn three strategies that sometimes may be more effective than trying to relax.
Coaching Your Fitness Clients: Inside Out
Inner IDEA: Teach clients how to listen to their "inner family" and resolve disputes that get in the way of exercise.

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