September 2016


How HIIT Helps Endurance Athletes Improve Performance
Why short bursts of extreme exercise pay off in long-distance events like marathons and triathlons.
Create An Inclusive Experience For Special Populations
Look beyond the inner circle of fitness clientele when aspiring to change lives.
2016 IDEA World Fitness Award Recipients
Honoring leaders who see fitness from the client’s point of view, and then program, train and teach for optimum results.

Personal Training

A Total Transformation
Client Success Story: Erin went from quiet boot camp participant to leader of the pack.
Fitness Marketing On Mobile
Fitness Entrepreneur: How to promote your business in the mobile space.
How To Help Golfers Improve Scores, Boost Performance, And Prevent Injuries
Ex Rx: The key is to understand biomechanics of body rotation.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Healthy Bones And Plant-Driven Diets
Nutrition: These foods will help you keep a veggie-focused approach without weakening your skeleton.

Group Exercise

Sports Conditioning Classes And The Recreational Athlete
Skills & Drills: Plan ahead and prepare people for their favorite activities.
4 Ways To Warm Up With A Medicine Ball
Ignite: Properly prepare participants for the rigors of intense workouts.
Sample Class: It Takes Two
Class Take-Out: Pair up participants for a great cardio workout.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Restore mind and body from the bustle and heat of summer with these cooling and revitalizing classes.


Undoing Weight Bias Within Yourself
Inner IDEA: 10 steps that will help fitness and wellness professionals acknowledge and dismantle negative beliefs about obesity.

In Every Issue

fitness forum Get Them Walking!
warm-up Congratulations To The 2016 IDEA World Fitness Award Recipients
Making News
Dieting Makes You Fat! How?
Research: A look at the science which found that contestants in The Biggest Loser regained most of the weight they lost.
Changing Our Behavior So Clients Can Change Theirs
Bridging the Gap: Sherry Pagoto, PhD, encourages fitness professionals to see through their misconceptions about obesity and to focus on strategies that help clients gain control over the contextual “drivers” of behavior.
fitness handout Unraveling Food Package Claims
The Cost Of Fitness
IDEA Fitnographic: How much money do people spend on their workouts?

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