May 2016


A 9-Step Plan For 
Starting A Walking Program
Why it's a great idea to start a walking program in your community, and how you can get moving on it.
The Top 10 Reasons Your Clients Have Low Testosterone
Nutrition, physical activity and other lifestyle factors may hold the key to a better hormone profile.
Enhance Your Career, Improve Your Life
The IDEA® World Convention takes over Los Angeles, July 13–17, 2016.

Personal Training

Real Training, Real Results
Client Success Story: Personal trainer Warren Martin used science and education to help his client transform his body.
Running A Beach Fitness Camp
Profit Center: Make money during the personal training off-season.
Fall Prevention Strategies
Senior Fitness: Give your active-aging clients a research-based, muscular approach to help them prevent falls.
“How Has Fitness Technology Figured Into Your Training Approach Or Your Program Design?”
Tricks of the Trade: How has fitness technology figured into your training approach or your program design?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
The Science Of Eating Better
Nutrition: These nutrition tips drawn from scientific studies can help your clients tune out dubious dietary advice.

Group Exercise

Creating A Group Fitness Family
Skills & Drills: Go beyond rote, scripted formats to build a cohesive community.
Foam Roller Reset
Ebb: Help students integrate the work they did in class.
Sample Class: Fit Frenzy
Class Take-Out: Increase exercise adherence with a social atmosphere that encourages students to work in pairs or small groups.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Find your groove in these classes that make movement fun.


Was It Good For You, Too?
Inner IDEA: What was your best—or worst—savasana-like experience ever?

In Every Issue

warm-up Walking Is The New Black
Making News
Peripheral Heart Action Training: “What’s Old Is New Again”
Research: Study shows potential for clients who have high blood pressure or can’t do HIIT.

Be A Source Of Evidence-Based Dietary Information
Bridging the Gap: Dominique Adair, MS, RD, emphasizes the importance of helping clients to distinguish myth from fact and recognizing where they are in their readiness to change.
How To Integrate 
Fit Tech Into Your Business
Fitness Technology: A 5-step process can put you on the path to using apps, smartphones 
and wearables to help your clients and boost your revenue.
fitness handout Digital Detoxing
idea fitnographic Stats On Stress

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