February 2016


The Many Dimensions Of Pain
To help clients reach their pain-free movement goals, fitness professionals must understand the biological, psychological and social ramifications of pain.
35 Ailments, One Prescription: MOVE!
Studies suggest that physical activity reduces the risk of nearly three dozen harmful conditions and life-threatening diseases.

Personal Training

Adaptable Program Design
Client Success Story: Eran’s career as a dancer requires consistent modification to her training program.
Performing Under Pressure
Fitness Entrepreneur: Discover how to avoid “choking” in your fitness career.
The Office Worker's Workout
Ex Rx: These exercises can help your desk-bound clients stay healthy and succeed on the job.
tricks of the trade "What Are The Advantages And/or Disadvantages To Wearing Workout Gloves?"


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Interpreting Health Claims On Food Packages
Nutrition: Help clients navigate the often-confusing landscape of health claims on food packaging.

Group Exercise

Which Is Better: A Live Class Or A Virtual One?
Skills and Drills: Technology brings pros and cons to the group fitness studio experience.
The Hidden Cool-Down
Ebb: Trick resistant riders into staying for the final moments of cycling class.
Sample Class: 5 Supersets, 1 Serious Sweat
Class Take-Out: Hit all the major muscle groups with this strategic cross-training class.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Spice things up with classes that nourish body and soul.


When Myofascial Release Gets Emotional
Inner IDEA: Sometimes self-massage tools like foam rollers release more than tight muscles and trigger points.

In Every Issue

warm-up 2016 IDEA® World Convention: Where The World Comes Together
Making News
Understanding And Translating Research
Research: Getting to know key terminology and study methods can help you interpret research findings for your clients.
Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions
Bridging the Gap: Experts quantify these scientific prevention and treatment approaches as impactful in combating obesity.
fitness technology Unlocking The Potential Of Heart Rate Monitors
fitness handout 7 Keys To Weight Loss Adherence
idea fitnographic Smoothie Don’ts

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