December 2016


The Best Way To Market To Baby Boomers And Beyond
To connect with Baby Boomers and their elders, you have to target their interests and abandon stereotypes.
How HIIT Helps Endurance Athletes Improve Performance
Why short bursts of extreme exercise pay off in long-distance events like marathons and triathlons.
The Top 10 Reasons Your Clients Have Low Testosterone
Nutrition, physical activity and other lifestyle factors may hold the key to a better hormone profile.

Personal Training

Weight Loss For The Special-Needs Client
Client Success Story: Mike Gorski’s well-rounded approach resulted in a successful client—and a friend.
How To Help Golfers Improve Scores, Boost Performance, And Prevent Injuries
Ex Rx: The key is to understand biomechanics of body rotation.
Fight Aging With Brain Training
Senior Fitness: Neuroplasticity combines physical and mental exercises to strengthen brain power.


A Handy Alternative To Counting Calories
Nutrition: Simplify dietary dilemmas by teaching clients to use their hands to control portion size.
Healthy Bones And Plant-Driven Diets
Nutrition: These foods will help you keep a veggie-focused approach without weakening your skeleton.
Can Spices Help Suppress Appetite?
Nutrition: A research study examines whether capsaicin, the chemical that generates the heat in pepper-based spicy foods, can help curb appetite or promote weight loss.


What Is Mindfulness?
Inner IDEA: Understand the relationship between mind-body awareness and mindfulness and why this connection can be beneficial.
Undoing Weight Bias Within Yourself
Inner IDEA: 10 steps that will help fitness and wellness professionals acknowledge and dismantle negative beliefs about obesity.
Finding The Courage To Lead
Inner IDEA: Forget the myth of the “fearless leader.” Embrace your fears and make a difference in others’ lives.

Group Exercise

Sample Class: It Takes Two
Class Take-Out: Pair up participants for a great cardio workout.
5 Creative Abs Exercises With Resistance Tubing
Core: Use creative approaches to target core muscles and keep class interesting and effectual.
Care, Don’t Overshare
Skills & Drills: Be thoughtful and selective in what you talk about when you're teaching.

In Every Issue

Treating Muscle Soreness: Heat Or Cold?
Research: Either therapy works better than no treatment at all, a 2015 study finds.
The Emerging Case Against Antioxidant Supplements
Research: New studies suggest exercise and healthy diet combined are the elusive magic bullet.
Fresh Insights On Fat
Research: Fat tissues secrete proteins that influence diet and metabolism. What the latest science means to fitness pros.

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