August 2016


Fit Tech For Kids: Boon Or Bust?
Experts discuss the pros and cons of integrating technology into children's exercise programming.
How To Turn Your Nonresponders Into Responders
Genetics helps explain why some clients do not respond to exercise. Fortunately, science has uncovered how to turn your nonresponders into responders.
A 9-Step Plan For 
Starting A Walking Program
Why it's a great idea to start a walking program in your community, and how you can get moving on it.

Personal Training

The Office Worker's Workout
Ex Rx: These exercises can help your desk-bound clients stay healthy and succeed on the job.
Performing Under Pressure
Fitness Entrepreneur: Discover how to avoid “choking” in your fitness career.
Fall Prevention Strategies
Senior Fitness: Give your active-aging clients a research-based, muscular approach to help them prevent falls.


The Science Of Eating Better
Nutrition: These nutrition tips drawn from scientific studies can help your clients tune out dubious dietary advice.
Tapping The Power Of Protein
Nutrition: Research suggests the time of day when we consume protein has a notable impact on its ability to rebuild muscle.
6 Simple Swaps For More Mindful Eating
Nutrition: Replace clients' mindless eating with mindless eating solutions for everyday life.

Group Exercise

Sample Class: 
Class Take-Out: Add functional movement patterns to sun salutation C and give students the chance to progress their practice.
Foam Roller Reset
Ebb: Help students integrate the work they did in class.
Which Is Better: A Live Class Or A Virtual One?
Skills and Drills: Technology brings pros and cons to the group fitness studio experience.

In Every Issue

Resistance Training And Diabetes: What's Best?
Research: Science helps to explain why weight training is a great option for type 2 diabetes prevention and management.
Understanding And Translating Research
Research: Getting to know key terminology and study methods can help you interpret research findings for your clients.
New Clues To Prevent Weight Regain
Research: Resistance training and NEAT are key to preventing weight regain and bolstering metabolic health.


Visualization As The #1 Mental Toughness Tool
Inner IDEA: Practical guidelines for using imagery to improve performance.
When Myofascial Release Gets Emotional
Inner IDEA: Sometimes self-massage tools like foam rollers release more than tight muscles and trigger points.
Yoga Instructors On Every Corner?
Inner IDEA: Yoga participation is booming, but so is teacher training. Is it a concern or a benefit to have so many students on the teaching track?

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