April 2016


Power Up Your Potential At The IDEA® World Convention
July 13-17 in Los Angeles
The New Personal Trainer
Shifting roles, technology, expanding equipment options, competition and diverse client needs are shaping the industry's transformation.
How To Turn Your Nonresponders Into Responders
Genetics helps explain why some clients do not respond to exercise. Fortunately, science has uncovered how to turn your nonresponders into responders.

Personal Training

Independence Training For An Older Adult
Client Success Story: Multiple sclerosis and liver cancer won't stop Arthur from living his best life.
Avoiding Payroll Tax Problems
Fitness Entrepreneur: Don't get stuck paying excess payroll tax penalties.
Help Your Clients Ride The Watersports Wave
Ex Rx: Whether they are surfing, wakeboarding, standup paddling or kayaking this summer, your clients will appreciate these conditioning tips.
tricks of the trade “What Business Book Are You Reading, And How Has It Impacted Your Business?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
A Handy Alternative To Counting Calories
Nutrition: Simplify dietary dilemmas by teaching clients to use their hands to control portion size.

Group Exercise

Clinch Your Coaching Style
Skills & Drills: Focus on your strengths instead of trying to be all things to all students.
Preparing For Life And Activity
Ignite: Use the first part of class to help participants return to neutral body positions.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Find your groove in these classes that make movement fun.
Sample Class: HIIT The Highway
Class Take-Out: Try a different approach to your high-intensity interval training.


Yoga Instructors On Every Corner?
Inner IDEA: Yoga participation is booming, but so is teacher training. Is it a concern or a benefit to have so many students on the teaching track?

In Every Issue

fitness forum How Can The Government Slow Obesity?
warm-up New IDEA Campus!
Making News
Resistance Training And Diabetes: What's Best?
Research: Science helps to explain why weight training is a great option for type 2 diabetes prevention and management.
A Simple, Attainable Action Plan
Bridging the Gap: By designing programs with obtainable goals and slow progression, fitness professionals can offer clients struggling with overweight and obesity a path to sustainable success, says Jinger S. Gottschall, PhD.
What’s The Best Activity Tracker For Your Clients?
Fitness Technology: To figure that out, you have to match key features with people's specific goals.
fitness handout Yoga And Pilates For Men
The Lows Of Wearing High Heels
IDEA Fitnographic: Is making a fashion statement worth the price?

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