September 2015


Physical Literacy: Why Our Kids Need It & How They Can Get It
A nationwide movement shows why so many children exercise so little while an elite few become carried away with sport-specific training.
The Multi-Studio Membership Model: Partner Or Competitor?
Find out how to leverage a trend that’s introducing consumers to a different way of experiencing fitness.
2015 IDEA World Fitness Awards Recipients
Honoring top-notch fitness pros and the difference they make.

Personal Training

How Single Steps Lead To Grand Results
Client Success Story: A deliberate, incremental client journey that led to health and happiness.
Strategic Self-Promotion For Fitness Pros
Fitness Entrepreneur: Boost your business by keeping in touch with “could-be” clients in a targeted way.
Is There A Right Or Wrong Way To Squat?
Ex Rx: Could the traditional advice for this exercise mainstay be leading your clients astray? Research provides answers.
tricks of the trade “How Do You Utilize Social Media To Market/network Your Personal Training Business?”


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Alzheimer’s And Diet
Nutrition: Answering client questions about nutrition and prevention.

Group Exercise

Rookie Undercover: Bypassing Common Mistakes
Skills & Drills: A veteran instructor shares her tips for entering the group fitness studio with grace and professionalism.
A Stability Ball Warm-Up That Targets The Entire Body
Ignite: Get the workout party started with a standby piece of equipment.
Sample Class: 3-2-1 Kick!
Class Take-Out: Share this total-body kickboxing class with motivated members.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Liven up classes with a dash of fun!


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Are Pilates And Yoga Right For Clients With Low Bone Density?
Inner IDEA: What are the best exercises for keeping bones and muscles strong as we age?

In Every Issue

fitness forum Farmhand Fitness Among The Trilliums
warm-up Fitness Leaders Transforming Lives
Making News
Six Takeaways From The ACSM Annual Meeting
Research: Research makes promising inroads on popular fitness topics.
bridging the gap Lifestyle Medicine Is A “Team Sport”
Adding Apps,Wearables And Tracking Devices To Your Fitness Services
Fitness Technology: It’s inevitable that technology will play an ever-larger role in training clients. Here’s how to turn that trend in your favor.
fitness handout Personal Transformation Practices
idea fitnographic What's In Your Protein Bar?

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